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Find out why we are the best solution for you to sell your home.

The Process:

Three Easy Steps


Tell us about your home.

Schedule a phone call with our friendly team and find out how working with us can help you find the solution you were looking for.


Review your offers.

We will generate your offer within 24-48 hours and then schedule a call with you to help you review your options.


Schedule your closing.

Choose your closing date and we will do all the work to help you sell your home on your schedule.

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Review Your Options

Check out a few of the services that we offer.  We only deal in 'Win-Win' situations so we will only recommend the options that fit specifically to your situation.

Quick Sale

Guaranteed You'll Sell Your Home

Hassle Free

No Repairs

No Clean Up

No Open Houses

Choose Your Closing Date

Payments for Equity

Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Passive Cash Flow

Hassle Free

No Repairs

Tax Benefits

Choose Your Closing Date

List with an Agent

Get References to Top Agents

Free Rehab Estimates

Consult with us anytime

Connect with Our Network

Get Advice to Prepare Your Home

Sell Your Home​ Top Agents in Your Town

Start The Sales Process

Sell My House Hassle Free
Find out why we are the best solution for you to help you sell your home.

Whether you are looking to sell a home that needs a lot of work or you have the nicest home on the block we can assist you in reaching your goals. 


We offer quick closings when the situation calls for it, but we can also advise homeowners to sell with one of our top Real Estate Agents in their neighborhood if that is the best situation for them.  We are a family-oriented real estate company and our priority is on helping you and your family get your desired outcomes.

We never charge commissions and we will never charge you anything for the services that we provide.  Reach out today to find out how we can help you.

Common Situations That We Can Help With Include:

  • Foreclosure

  • Inherited Properties

  • Divorce

  • Tired Landlords

  • Property Liens

  • 'Fixer- Upper'

  • Code Violation

Even if none of these situations apply to you, then reach out to us to see why we may be able to offer you more than anyone else is willing to pay!

Meet The Team


Hey! I'm TR.  I run a digital marketing agency and love to invest in real estate.  I'm like the jack of all trades around the office!


I'm a personal trainer and a real estate investor!  My passion for fitness mirrors my passion for real estate.  I bring the energy to the office.


Hi Guys, My name's Mike.  I'm a nurse by day and an investor by night.  I take care of the numbers!

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